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Thumb Clip Holder

Thumb Clip Holder

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 5 PCS Thumb Hook set typically consists of 5 individual hooks, each designed with a thumb-like grip or handle for easy hanging and organization of various items. Here's a detailed description of this product:

  1. Quantity: The set includes 5 thumb hooks, providing ample options for organizing multiple items throughout your home, office, or car.

  2. Thumb-like Design: Each hook features a design reminiscent of a thumb, with a curved shape that provides a convenient grip for hanging objects securely.

  3. Versatile Use: These hooks can be used for a wide range of purposes, including hanging keys, hats, bags, towels, kitchen utensils, and other accessories.

  4. Compact Size: The hooks are typically compact in size, making them suitable for use in small spaces or for organizing lightweight items.

  5. Durable Construction: Constructed from sturdy materials such as plastic or metal, these hooks are designed to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting durability.

  6. Self-Adhesive Backing: Some sets may come with self-adhesive backing, allowing for easy installation on walls, doors, cabinets, or other surfaces without the need for drilling or hardware.

  7. Multi-Functional: Whether used in entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, or offices, these hooks offer a practical solution for keeping your space neat and organized.

  8. Decorative Accents: Depending on the design, the hooks may feature decorative elements or colors to add a touch of style to your décor.

  9. Easy Installation: Installation is typically straightforward, requiring only a clean, dry surface for adhesive-backed hooks, or simple screws or nails for those without adhesive.

  10. Space-Saving: These hooks help maximize space utilization by providing vertical storage solutions, keeping your belongings off surfaces and minimizing clutter.

Overall, a set of5 PCS Thumb Hooks offers a convenient and versatile way to organize and declutter your living or working space while adding a touch of functionality and style.

1.【Materials and Dimensions】 Made of high quality silicone, sturdy and durable. 
2.【Funny Design】 Fun thumb shape, simple and practical lines. Exquisite as cute hands, Care for your convenience. Gather positive energy, Give a thumb up to you everywhere.
3.【Applicable surface】 Self-adhesive is only suitable for smooth surfaces, such as glass, ceramic tiles, marble, wood, metal, etc. Please clean the wall before installation. (Not suitable for wallpaper, limestone walls, or painted walls or uneven surfaces.)
4.【Keep Your Desk Organized】 Thumb hook clip holder, capable of gripping and holding various everyday items. Lite neat cable cord holder will help those cluttered cables and cords around your desk, filing cabinets, TV, computer power, strip or cell phone much nicer, organized, and safer.
5.【Multipurpose 】The kitchen towel grab is ideal for hanging tea towels, rags or hand towels . The desk cable drop can not only be used as bathroom towel hooks, kitchen towel hooks or outdoor towel hooks. You can use them as table cable organizer, as a pen holder, as flosser holders or toothbrush, suitable for hanging hats, glasses, data cables, earphones, makeup brushes , foundation brushes or other things. Flexible and easy to install wherever you want.
Product name: Thumb hook
Size: 2*2cm
Material: Silicone
Quantity: 5 pcs
Note: Do not overload


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